Cassava Bio Bags – Laundry/Garbage Bag 10s



  • What is it made from?
    – It is made mainly from cassava starch and vegetable oil derivatives. Contains zero petroleum-based component thus offering a sustainable alternative to single use plastic bag.
  • What is the printing ink made from?
    – The ink for printing logo is made of soy and water, heavy metal free, non toxic and eco-friendly.
  • How long is the shelf life?
    – Up to 2 years if stored in its original-sealed protective PE packaging. Once the PE packing is opened, the shelf life of cassava bag shortens to months (less than 1 year) when stored in ideal storage condition.
  • How to care for your Compostable Items:
    • Store bags away from directs sunlight and water (make eco bricks if there’s plastic)
    • Place bag pack/s in an airtight container or wrap in non-porous materials
  • How to dispose of your Cassava Bio-bags:
    • You may actually reuse them up to 4-5 times
    • At the end of its life (if it becomes brittle, etc) cut it into small parts and melt it in hot water ( atleast 80 degrees celcius)
    • The items may always be included in your compost bin as nitrogen component
    • Should you not be able to create compost then the items may always be thrown in a biodegradable bin. Practice proper segregation and discuss with your garbage hauler how to best dispose of the items
Sizes L x W Load Capacity (Kg)
Small 15.5″ x 22.5″ 3.0 – 4.0
Medium 23″ x 31″ 5.0 – 6.0
Large 23″ x 39″ 7.0 – 8.0
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Small, Medium, Large


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