ORYSPA’s Sherill Quintana: Creating the spa experience for everyone

Oryspa Founder Sherill Quintana took her fascination with aromatherapy from mompreneursip to become a multi-awarded Filipino brand with a vision for others.  When Sherill was carrying her first baby, she started experimenting with aromas: peppermint, lavender, citrus and rosemary. She marketed her creations to spas to add to their young family’s income.  Faced with an international order for her unbranded soaps and products, she instead bravely took on the challenge of reinventing a truly Filipino brand.
What started 18 years ago in a small apartment kitchen is now a well-known Filipino brand.  Oryspa, the first and only rice bran-based soap and spa products in the country, has 37 stores in the country and two in Singapore. The brand has won awards in the country as well as in ASEAN. Sherill Quintana was recently named one of the Most Influential Filipina in the World by the US-based Filipino Women’s Network  (FWN) for her work in mentoring other entrepreneurs and for her advocacy “Yes, the Filipino Brand Can.”
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