JunkNot’s Environment Friendly Furniture: When a Chair is Not Just a Chair

JunkNot’s chairs are just too pretty to be sit-able. People ask, while chuckling, can we sit on this? To which JunkNot Founder Willie Garcia replies, “Of course, it’s a chair!” And its true, the chair’s woven network of color is surprisingly comfortable to sit on. Then she proceeds to tell the story of how the recycled plastic twine was crafted by a community from a volcano island, the frame built from sustainable mahogany, and how she used beeswax for the finishing. “…and it lasts forever, as plastic lasts forever,” she laughingly adds.
JunkNot partners with communities to help build eco-conscious furniture. Initially, Willie trained and worked with a handful of people in a small village in Batangas. The plastic twine making, which started to involve more people in the village, became a sustainable source of income and has also led to a drastic change in the lifestyles of the village. The village’s environment has become visibly better.
This is JunkNot’s response to a dying ocean and an increasingly plastic-using population. After all, we are the ones who benefit from nature the most, it should be us who must care for it. Willie’s designs are truly about designing for good.
JunkNot Founder Wilhelmina “Willie” Garcia is an eco-activist ever since she was a grade schooler who, prodded by her father, put up sign-up sheets to close a dam. At her spacious workshop hidden in a verdant Laguna spot, Willie has amassed paper tubings, steel frames and upcycled twine to create useful art-objects. A trained interior designer, Willie’s works are exhibited at the Manila Fame events and represented the Philippines in  exhibitions held in Paris and Belgium last year (2017).
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